Tablet tech streamlines field inspections

The Northern Territory Department of Mines and Energy have already noticed improvements in efficiency after implementing a new technological tool last week.

A streamlined software, developed for departmental use on tablets and smartphones, is the latest tool to help workers in the field record environmental information.

The software enables inspectors to do away with camera, notepad and GPS, instead replacing them with a single device which can link to the internet.

Mines Directorate executive director Phil Hausler said mining officers first used the software at mine sites last week and had already noticed improvements in their efficiency for field inspections and reporting.

“This new software makes it significantly easier to capture more information, as it allows the user to take photos and directly enter notes against that specific photograph,” he said.

“When then uploaded onto the system back in the office, the photos are shown on Google Earth at the exact coordinates where they were taken and the direction the photographer was standing with the notes that apply to that site.

“The software also has the technology to insert maps and allow the user to navigate around the site noting where they have already been.

“This new technology allows our workers to be able to work more efficiently in the field and undertake their roles in a more timely fashion – it is immensely useful in the field.”

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