Swick – Carrier-Mounted Underground Diamond Drill Rig

Swick is a finalist in the 5th Annual Australian Mining Prospect Awards for the design and development of a carrier-mounted underground diamond drill-rig that has reduced the hazzards associated with drill rig set up.

The Carrier-Mounted Underground Diamond Drill -rig has reduced the hazards associated with drill rig set up.

Underground diamond drilling is traditionally performed from a skid-mounted platform. Up to five separate components are transported to each site, unloaded and positioned manually.

A significant part of setting up skid-mounted drilling rigs involves exposure to several hazards.

Swick proposed that exposure to a number of hazards could be completely eliminated if the five existing components and the drilling platform could be combined together and mounted onto one mobile carrier.

The one rig covers the entire scope from conventional grade control to deep wireline drilling.

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