Swan a vulture, Palmer

Clive Palmer has slammed former Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan, saying he does not deserve the role of Deputy Prime Minister.

Despite calls from Prime Minister Julia Gillard for a consensus on the mining tax, Palmer stated that the tax should be completely abolished and of his anger at Swan’s promotion.

“The evil-doers who are responsible for the tax have actually been promoted – Wayne Swan sits there like a vulture ready to pounce upon the back of Julia Gillard when she makes a mistake and become Australia’s prime minister, despite the fact that he’s the architect of the tax which has caused all the trouble,” Palmer said according to the ABC.

Palmer went on to disparage the Minerals Council of Australia along with BHP Billiton, which chose to suspend anti Resources Super Profit Tax advertising after Gillard promised to axe Government advertising and called for the mining industry to do the same to open the door to negotiations.

However, Palmer reiterated calls for the complete scrapping of the tax, saying that there has been no middle ground on the tax.

“Miners have gone to Canberra previously and been rebuffed by the Treasury Department and found there’s nothing to negotiate,” he said.


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