Survivors preview Beaconsfield movie

The survivors of the Beaconsfield mine tragedy have relived the ordeal in a preview for Channel 9’s Beaconsfield telemovie.

According to The Mercury survivor Brant Webb said the movie had brought back the emotions from the disaster he experienced almost six years ago.

"Seriously I can’t get how they squeezed 321 hours of emotion into that," he said.

"We had joy, tears, sorrow, no faith, all faith, and yeah, the joking."

Reliving the experience, Webb told The Mercury of his relief at seeing rescuers after spending 16 days trapped in a cage one kilometre underground.

"They are my heroes," he said. "We are just survivors."

Survivor Todd Russell said the film had brought back the experience of the disaster.

"It is six years this year and it’s got easier as time goes by but unfortunately this has brought up the raw emotions of it all again," he said.

The Mercury reports director Glendyn Ivin, who shot the film on location, aimed to have audiences feel as if they were inside the mine during the accident.

Late last year BCD Resources announced the closure of the Beaconsfield mine, and said the operation was no longer economically viable.

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