Surveying the future of mining

In this current age of tight margins and shrinking commodity prices it is now, more than ever before, important to know your mine.

Understanding all aspects of the site, how it is being mined, how it is evolving, and what may lay ahead in the future is crucial.

As the mining industry shifts into a new age of total information and deep analysis on all aspects of operations, innovative technology is being developed to help operators overcome this seemingly impossible hurdle.

When it comes to the surveying operations work from which data is collected to inform and direct many of the decisions made down the line, the sector is sitting at a technological crossroads. The days when a mass of excel sheets combined with a surveyor in the field were used to run an operation are well and truly over.

This next generation mining capitalises on advancements in technology, such as integrated operation centres, massive leaps in the capabilities of surveying equipment such as drones, accurate laser surveying, and easy to understand 3D scanning technology, as well as the emergence of Big Data capability.

This is giving more support to operators to effectively collect, interpret, maintain and record, and then distribute the measured data.

Integrated decision making using analytics and supporting performance management frameworks provides an ability to identify improvement opportunities throughout the supply chain, with specialised software and bespoke applications able to track the location and quality of materials and equipment performance.

As such mine surveying technology is playing a large part of this massive shift in the mining landscape, as operators see quantum leaps in the capacity for spatial data collection, interpretation, and dissemination from the mine’s face through to the boardroom.

And in this current age where productivity and efficiency – and getting more out of your operations – are the bywords for all mining, getting critical operations such as surveying right in the first instance is critical.

To help miners, and surveyors, gain a deeper understanding of their operations Bentley Systems have developed a whitepaper outlining the major shifts occurring in the sector, and what the industry can do to prepare itself for this next phase of mining.

Click here to download the whitepaper and find out how to give your operations a surveying and decision making edge.

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