Supreme Court upholds decision to suspend Young Mining operations

The NSW Supreme Court has upheld the decision to suspend operations at Young Mining after the company failed to pay environmental rehabilitation security deposits.

The State Government Department of Industry Resources Regulator said the NSW Riverina-based company owed $500,000 in deposits, with operations to remain suspended until the fees are paid.

The case was transferred to the Supreme Court after the Land and Environment Court determined they may not have jurisdiction over the issue.

Chief compliance officer Lee Shearer said the Supreme Court’s verdict highlights the Regulator’s “appropriate and reasonable” decision to suspend Young Mining’s operations.

“The Regulator has actively tried to work with Young Mining to reach a resolution to this breach since 2013. The company had been granted more than sufficient time to pay the required security deposit,” she said.

The company’s suspension notice was initially extended from July 18 to August 18 and the Regulator stopped granting further extensions on the 17th of August. Young Mining was to cease operations on the 18th, however the Land and Environment Court provided an interim variation to the suspension notice, extending it until August 23.

“The Government’s position on this issue is very clear – environmental rehabilitation costs must be met by the mining licence holder.”

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