Supporting you to support your operations

In the current age of low commodity prices and high costs, miners’ opex and capex are coming under greater scrutiny.

There is a need to lower mine operating costs, but mine managers need to choose a partner who can achieve savings without risking production or safety.

Finding an area where you can balance these two objectives is increasingly difficult in the current climate.

While every detail helps, sometimes the most important equipment can be overlooked.

Tyres are a crucial input and significant cost for mining operations.

While cars carry loads of up to around 6 tonnes, some mining trucks carry loads of over 300 tonnes, so it is critical that quality tyres are chosen for your mining vehicles.

Tyres are the only connection between your vehicle and the road, so if a tyre fails, you are left with a useless truck and unscheduled downtime – a huge impact on productivity directly affecting the bottom line.

So you need to focus on tyres.

When an average mining or OTR tyre can cost the same as a new car, choosing a supplier you can trust can make all the difference.

Getting someone on your side understands tyres inside and out, and is able to support your mines with top quality tyres and advice is what can make your operation great.

Tyres4U is a 100% Australian owned business that can help you achieve your goals.

With their support and knowhow you can save money on tyres, and keep your fleet rolling, without sacrificing quality or risking safety.

Tyres4U offer Double Coin and Advance, radial and bias, OTR and truck tyres made by two of the largest and most established tyre manufacturers based in China with global exports. Tyres4U also distribute the widest range of 4WD, Industrial and earthmover tyres as well as Zeus Tyrefill.

Tyres4U is the leading independent tyre distributor in Australia, NZ & PNG with 15 distribution centres, 25 years’ experience, and ISO9001 Quality Certification.  Tyres4U also are the agent for world leading Valor TPMS systems which measure & help monitor your tyres’ temperature and pressures. This extends the life of your tyres and is exclusive to Tyres4U & their agents.

It will also work with mining operations on forecasting, and offer one invoice for multiple sites, as well as online account monitoring.

Contact Tyres4U mining tyre team to hear how they can save you money without compromising on CPK, safety or quality: Freecall 1800 788 688, email  or visit

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