Support for royalties in Tasmania

A proposal to give mining royalties to local Tasmanian communities has been backed by Grange Resources.

A proposal to funnel mining royalties back to local Tasmanian communities has been backed by Grange Resources, owner of the Savage River iron ore mine on the State’s west coast.

The royalties issue was raised at the State Labor Conference in Hobart over the weekend.

The plan would see mining royalties go to remote west coast Tasmanian communities in order for them to develop their infrastructure and help make them more appealing to local mining workers.

Grange Resources chief operating officer Wayne Bould told MINING DAILY that he is in favour of giving back to local communities.

“It is a commendable approach to put some money back into the communities and give the people some of the benefits of mining,” he said.

According to Bould, while the height of the mining boom saw people leave Tasmania to work interstate, many are now returning to the local industry and work should be done to encourage them to stay.

“We are finding that people are now coming back to Tasmania to take up mining again and a lot of them are making lifestyle decisions about living locally,” he said.

Bould said that mines on Tasmania’s west coast are relatively difficult to access from larger centres and it is easier for workers to live in local areas.

“The roads are not straight and it can be a bit of a problem to get around, so it is not conducive to travel to the west coast from either Burnie, or Launceston or Hobart,” he said.

“Workers would rather live in the local communities that are near the mines.

“I think it makes sense to put something back into those communities.”

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