Summit Industrial Chillers cooling off remote Aussie mines

Many of Australia’s mining areas are located in the continents harshest climates. This can prove problematic should the incorrect equipment be selected during the procurement process. Fortunately some Australian manufactures have the ability to customise Chilling equipment, ensuring they can withstand the toughest environments. In an industry with stringent guidelines and safety requirements it is essential that procurement teams have the capability meet the following requirements.

  • Customised Design – Assessment of the requirements of the project on an independent basis and the ability to put forward the most effective solution. This can include specific flow rates and approach temperatures, additional modules such as inverter drives on pumps and compressors.
  • High Standard of Manufacturing– With its extensive experience in the mining sector Summit Industrial Chillers manufacture to the highest standard using only premium components.
  • Containerised System – For ultimate strength and reliability Summit Industrial manufacture large chillers as containerised modules that are ideal for mining sites. Separate chillers, pump, and tank systems and control rooms are built into shipping container modules that can be dropped in and quickly connected on site dramatically reducing site install costs.
  • Commissioning – Onsite commissioning of equipment for all projects. This is highly recommended on custom designs where sophisticated control methodologies are to be implemented.
  • Service and Maintenance – A company with a national service and maintenance network provide annual preventative maintenance, spare parts and after sales support. This will ensure the smooth operation of chiller systems even in the most remote areas.
  • Design and Documentation – A manufacturer complies with all site specifications for custom wiring to AS3000, PLCs, weld certifications and coatings, feature specified components and come with full documentation (MDR).

Solomon Hub, found an organisation to meet all of the above criteria, approaching Summit Industrial Chillers to create customised units to provide cooling for the lubrication of scrubber units, crusher units, and vacuum pumps, each positioned at various locations. The initial design called for three large chillers each providing a capacity of 1.2MW in an n+1 configuration with a third unit for redundancy.

After assessing the requirements and taking into account the climate conditions and nature of operation, the engineering team at Summit Industrial Chillers instead proposed a centralised plant with seven smaller modular containerised chillers each with a cooling capacity of 400kW. The initial advantage of this design is that the seventh redundant chiller is only 400kW compared to previously a 1.2MW. Furthermore, in the event that two chillers stop due to a fault, the majority of the plant will be operational (83%). Comparably for the original design if two chillers were to fail the mining site would only have 50% of the cooling capacity available resulting in significant cost in production losses.

Once the client accepted this revised concept, Summit Industrial Chillers set to work manufacturing a complete solution, designed to exceed all necessary site specifications. The chillers needed to perform in harsh dusty conditions and at extreme ambient temperatures. All of the chiller system modules were pre-tested in the factory prior to being dispatched. A major benefit of the modular plug and play design was that site install costs were drastically reduced as the units could be simply placed directly on site and connected together.

The mining industry has an incredibly specific need for reliable and tailor made cooling plants and equipment. This is particularly the case for water chillers that need to perform critical cooling under extreme ambient conditions. Traditional building services chillers are generally not designed to the high quality and safety standards required in mining sites and will not last long in the harsh environment. Summit Industrial Chillers are an Australian Manufacturer of chillers specialising in providing complete cooling solutions for the mining industry.

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