Students get a real-life dose of mining

A group of hopeful Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy high school students from all over the state gave presentations in Newcastle to 20 Xstrata engineers and senior mine workers.

The students learned either trade or professional skills in the mining industry last week, which culminated in them presenting their findings at the event.

Student Riana Newton from Ipswich said the groups had to demonstrate problem solving skills in engineering activities in a real-world situation.

“It was actually a lot harder than I expected,” she said.

“I thought maybe we’d work with engineers to come up with a solution but it was just us doing it on our own, so I was a bit shocked but we worked through what the issue and solutions were in our teams.”

Student from Gladstone Boyd Collette said the program cemented his ambition to work in minerals and energy.

“It was really good to meet other students who want to study engineering and engineers themselves,” he said.

“I think having that interaction really helped and now we’ve been out here and seen it all we know what it’s all about.”

Project officer Robyn Flexman said the students’ presentations at the Saint Joseph’s Training Centre in Newcastle included their tasks, processes and conclusions, The North West Star reported. They returned to their cities on Saturday after the presentation.

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