Striving to Achieve Supply Chain Optimisation

In today’s political and economic climate, the mining industry faces a myriad of challenges ranging from environmental restrictions right through to the more pressing issue of budget cuts. The budget pressures that are placed on the mining sector directly affect the supplier and consumer relationship where cost inflation and demand for products become a real issue.

"Australia is one of the world’s highest cost locations and with low coal prices and a high Australian dollar, the industry is facing the most difficult operating conditions for more than a decade,” according to the Australian Coal Association.

The Australian mining, resource and infrastructure markets are becoming far more reliant on companies such as Tro Pacific to offer more affordable, durable and enduring solutions. Consumers are looking to their suppliers for labour efficiencies and advancement of capabilities and technology to streamline their production and reduce overheads.

In today’s high performance environment, Tro Pacific understands the importance of:

  • Streamlining operations
  • Reducing fixed costs
  • Reducing hidden costs
  • Balancing the reduction of inventory to free up capital
  • Maintaining optimum inventory to avoid over/under inventory that impacts production, project delivery, DIFOT and financial performance.

In order to realise each of these elements for customers, Tro Pacific has introduced a new paradigm of supply chain management and optimisation, Supply Chain Resource Integration (SCRI).

SCRI integrates the resources and processes of customers and suppliers to enhance customer operational performance and profitability. SCRI can be applied to any organisation to improve their operational performance and profitability and consists of the combination of six elements customised to suit customer requirements. These include:

  • Dedicated ‘One Team’ Account Manager
  • One Source Supply
  • Pre-Assembly Service
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Documentation and Reporting

Tro Pacific have positioned themselves in the market in such a way that their ‘one-team’, complete solution approach has transformed the customer-supplier relationship that goes otherwise unmet. Utilising their position as Exclusive Distributors, Authorised Australian Distributors, Preferred Channel Partners and Resellers of many trusted global brands, Tro Pacific offer a competitive edge with numerous benefits to the consumer.

Offering a selection of high quality global brands, Tro Pacific is a proudly Australian owned company. Partnering with consumers to provide electrical and automation products and solutions, Tro Pacific is built on decades of experience across a range of trades and services as well as an understanding all stages of projects and concepts.

As authorised agents, distributors and resellers in Australia, Tro Pacific supply global brands that are already being used throughout the industry. The highest quality products are available at fraction of the price, with the cost savings coming from supply chain optimisation, not a reduction in the quality of products or service provided. On average, Tro Pacific offer consumers cost savings of 22% on annual expenditure.

Tro Pacific focus on specialised services by partnering with customers to develop niche solutions within smaller industries. Tro Pacific answers the demand that companies are facing to meet a reduced operating and maintenance budget, without compromising on quality, safety and equipment performance.

Tro Pacific provides a range of products such as electrical enclosures, electrical and automation components and electrical consumables. To further this, Tro Pacific also provide a range of services including pre-fit combinations of enclosures and component assemblies that are ready for wiring.

For more information on how Tro Pacific products and services can help your business generate cost savings from supply chain optimisation, visit their website here.

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