Strikes to continue at BMA coal mines

The CFMEU has vowed to continue rolling strikes at BMA’s coal mines in the Bowen Basin.

It comes after the mining unions and BHP Billiton, the joint venture operator of BMA coal mines, believed they had taken a step forward in negotiations.

However at meetings last week unions endorsed a week long strike at all of BMA’s mines, according to the ABC.

CFMEU district president Steve Smyth said the talks between the unions and BMA again broke down over the issues of housing and pay.

The Single Bargaining Unit (SBU), which is made up of various workers’ unions, will meet this week to discuss its options.

"We go away and look at what has the least amount of impact on our members and the most impact on the company," Smyth said, adding that it is preparing for BMA’s retaliation.

"They’ve got the right under the Fair Work Act to lock the members out – that’s their choice, the law allows it," he said.

To date this year, BHP Billiton has seen strike action threatened at its West Cliff coal mine, across its BMA operations, and at its Port Kembla Coal Terminal.



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