Strikes continue on BMA coal mines

 Miners at BMA coal mines carried out strikes for a full shift yesterday.

Workers at Norwich Park, Saraji, Gregory, and Crinum coal mines walked off the job for around 12 hours, the Daily Mercury reports.

Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) district VP Steve Pierce explained that BMA’s latest work agreement may force miners into new seven days on, seven days off rosters with longer daily shifts.

“If people want to work the new seven-on, seven-off roster that’s fine, but people should not be forced onto that roster,” Pierce said.

“We also want there to be proper fatigue management systems in place for the new roster.”

 However BMA spokesperson Samantha Stevens refuted this, stating: “Nobody will be forced onto the new roster.

“Under the agreements there will be no changes to the number of shifts and none of our employers will have to work on Christmas Day or Boxing Day unless it is an emergency.”

Pierce hit back: “In the BHP draft agreement, if voted on, the seven-on, seven-off roster will be a standard roster and workers can be given 28 days notice to start the roster.”

He went on to say that the CFMEU’s ad campaign against BMA has been successful.

The ad campaign accuses BMA of trying to buy the votes of its striking Queensland workers.

“BHP has been complaining bitterly about them so we think they are working well,” he said.

“We think media campaigns are necessary to alert the wider public about what BHP is proposing.”


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