Stress-free, low cost equipment maintenance system

All the industries are constantly looking for effective and productive equipment utilisation and management.

This maintenance and high tech service is an essential part an organisation’s Business-As-Usual activities; the new age of smarter devices and equipment i.e. The Internet of Things, is giving operators an edge to cut costs and lift productivity.

Through full integration and smart data utilisation, operators can achieve that end goal dream of many business – zero unplanned maintenance, fully predictive and proactive maintenance schedules, and no more downtimes.

The MEX Maintenance Software provides a single solution for operators from a range of different industries to better manage their assets, and workforce.

Its Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) enables visibility and control, and can form the core of maintenance operations for a range of industries – from manufacturing and schools to wineries and mine sites.

With an accessible and easy to understand Maintenance Management platform, operators can analyse breakdown patterns in machinery wear and usage, while accessing granular data to know when machines will breakdown. This enables operators to forward plan and organise their operational schedule ahead of time, eliminating unscheduled downtimes and unexpected hits to the bottom line.

The MEX Maintenance Software helps mitigate risks and prevent maintenance issues from snowballing into breakdowns, which can ultimately lead to reduced production and operational capabilities.

With the ability to forward plan, organisations can implement better asset management and ordering systems, leading to efficient maintenance work orders.

One of the major benefits of a CMMS system like MEX is that it allows massive savings on purchases; with advanced inventory planning, MEX gives managers more time to shop for spare parts instead of having to buy in a hurry.

The MEX Maintenance Software allows for reliable job tracking – from current job statuses through to accessing historical data that details everything related to the job, and how.

Implementing the MEX Maintenance System also leads to a range of added benefits, such as reduced costs and more flexibility in supply chains, as it allows for more predictive operations, and in turn, the ability to follow this predictive capability down the line.

This leads directly to cost savings on purchases as stock levels cannot only be maintained, but more forward-thinking purchasing can be carried out, eliminating unscheduled downtimes which are further compounded by having to wait for critical parts.

This forward planning capability also means increased equipment uptimes, as equipment is repaired around the organisation’s operational schedule, not the vagaries of the equipment.

All of this is supported by total portability and accessibility of the MEX Maintenance Software through hand held devices.

From requests, entire days’ worth of work orders and history, to the ability to plan and schedule maintenance, the MEX Maintenance Software gives operators and businesses the ability to gain an edge in today’s competitive environment.

To know more about the MEX Maintenance Systems, download our full whitepaper here.

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