Streamlining mine operations using UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit

UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit enables mine site operators and managers to boost productivity by providing them with real time weather reports and data that enable them to effectively deploy resources and optimise schedules. These capabilities, which help operators to work around cyclones, thunderstorms, strong winds and flooding, are also major safety drivers.

Australian site managers, who are under pressure as never before, consistently face often-unspoken conflicting goals: how to boost mining sector productivity, while at the same time optimising site safety. However there is one way they can do both. UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit, provides site and operations managers with the weather-related information they need to deploy personnel and resources. This awareness of impending weather threats, not only reduces costs, but helps to keep employees out of harm’s way.

UBIMET’s customers access its Weather Cockpit through an online portal, which also provides them with access to meteorologists 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The service is personalised and UBIMET works with each client to determine the parameters that will have the greatest impact on site operations.

Site managers are thus warned before major weather events such as cyclones, thunderstorms, strong winds and flooding are likely to occur. They are advised not only about the severity of the event, but also where and when it will hit.

Productivity benefits

The Weather Cockpit improves site operational productivity in several ways. On the production front, UBIMET’s clients are better able to issue proactive alerts to their staff, reduce delays, and when the weather is good, to step up operations if possible, to leverage the opportunity. When managers get early information about impending bad weather, they can more easily plan and manage impending downtime, protect their assets and fulfil compliance obligations. Accurate weather reports also help corporate planners improve scheduling, to conduct resource allocation and to forecast budgets.

Safety gains

On the safety front, real time weather information provides managers with the information they need to reduce risks, secure tailings facilities, use alternate haul roads not susceptible to flooding, manage dust, noise and odour dispersions and to reallocate personnel away from the more dangerous and weather affected areas.

In short, while it is true that safety and mine productivity often appear to be conflicting goals, access to optimal weather information provided by UBIMET changes that dynamic by enabling clients to deliver both.

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