Strategic review may see Rio close Gove mine

Rio Tinto may close its Gove alumina mine in an effort to cut costs globally.

The decision follows the miner's announcement it would slash jobs at the site.

At the time Frank Willsdon, Pacific's general manager, explained that Rio is looking at ways to operate the site with fewer people.

"Steadily over time, we [want to] reduce the manning levels both on our own employee side and also on the contractor side," he said.

These cut back and potential closure comes only months after Rio won approval for a forty year mining lease at the site.

Now all operations at Gove could be suspended, according to the ABC.

Workers are the site were called to a meeting where Rio would announced the future of the bauxite mine and its refinery.

The temporary suspension of operations is one of the options being considered.

It stated that it is looking at options to make Gove more financially viable, as Gove has previously been pointed out as a loss making operation by Rio CEO Tom Albanese.

"One of the options is that we could consider the potential curtailment of Gove (operations) until economic conditions improve," Gove CEO Sandeep Biswas said.

One worker, 'Process Worker of Gove, commented on the NT News that "The reason why the company is not making money is in part due to the high dollar. The other 90% of why the place is up s**t creek is because of the successive failure of management here. Rio Tinto Management has destroyed this place. Julio Costa, and Martin Goodchild should be out of a job."

The company will not make decision on the mine's future until January.

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