Still room for improvement in mining safety

The number of serious incidents occurring every year in mining has improved in recent years, but it still outranks that of other industries.

In 2000-01, 2.98 per cent of mining employees made a serious claim due to an incident, compared to 1.75 per cent of employees in all industries. By 2011-12, this had dropped dramatically to 1.42 per cent of mining employees, compared to 1.22 per cent of employees in all industries.[1]

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, employers have a primary duty of care to ensure workers are not exposed to risks to their health and safety,[2] however it is not always possible to eliminate risk. To manage this, the employer must have effective systems for monitoring workplace conditions, so that if a risk arises, it can be dealt with promptly. It is vital employers have their “finger on the pulse” and keep ahead of technological developments which may improve safety.

One such product is the Honeywell’s Touchpoint Plus, which was released on the market earlier this year.

Honeywell’s Touchpoint Plus is a fully configurable, robust and economical multi-channel gas detection system. It is an advanced touchscreen digital controller designed for use in a wide range of general industries. It can accommodate up to eight inputs and twenty four outputs. It is easy to use, reliable and has a flexible operation.

“With everything at your fingertips, Touchpoint Plus allows you to take ownership of your system and operate it with confidence. The simplicity and intuitive user interface gives you confidence the safety of your people and productivity of your site is maximised,” said Steve Forrest, global marketing director, Fixed Gas Detection, Honeywell Analytics.

With Touchpoint Plus, you can create a gas detection system that suits your needs. The signature feature of the Touchpoint line is a user-friendly touchscreen interface, which makes it easier than ever to ensure safety and compliance, while also reducing setup and operation time and minimising the need for training. Users can customise the inputs, outputs and relay functions to match their needs directly from the interface.

When seconds count in an emergency situation, operators can make fast and informed decisions with Touchpoint Plus’ full colour status at a glance. You can feel totally confident that you have a safe, reliable and compliant gas detection system – protecting your workers and enhancing plant safety and productivity.

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