Cat dealer EPSA introduces standardised genset modules

Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) has combined over 25 years of expertise and experience to engineer a standardised generator package that delivers optimum power.

Pre-fabricated, pre-packaged and pre-tested, EPSA’s standardised genset packages are installed more efficiently — reducing overall lead time, minimising costs and reducing onsite works.

These standardised power modules can be integrated into a hybrid solution.

“They have a high power density, serviceable and safe — the quality of a workshop build with minimal onsite installation,” explains Marcel Heijkoop, general manager sales and business development for EPSA.

The energy modules are modular and scaleable to fit changing power needs.

They come with all components integrated into a 40–45 foot (12.9–13.7 metre) container, with output power ranging from 1300–2500 electric kilowatts.

Each module has a  highly fuel efficientCat generator providing lower fuel consumption. These standardised modular gensets include options for remote monitoring.

Integrating with balance of plant, each comes with a range of engineering services, including front end engineering and design.

All Cat generators come with a full Cat warranty from Caterpillar, the option of Cat Finance and access to the Cat service and maintenance network.

See the virtual reality 3D Standardised Energy Module created in partnership with the Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform Division; to attend EPSA’s launch event later in the year, register here.

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