High capacity roof support

Many may be familiar with the classic children’s toy “Lincoln Logs ®.” These cleverly designed miniature toy logs have notches cut into them to fit together in constructing model-size log buildings. The notches provide added stability that simply layering the blocks would not achieve. Strata Worldwide’s LINK-N-LOCK® roof support system has a very similar design concept, and has become one of the company’s top selling support systems around the world. The Link-N-Lock is one of several patented engineered timber support products.

The Strata Link-N-Lock is an interlocking timber chock that stacks in layers. Two, or sometimes three, precisely sized and located notches are cut out of the blocks to enable interlocking with the layer below and above. This ultimately creates a structure that is strong and stable, even at heights far greater than traditional chocks. Link-N-Lock blocks are manufactured from single species timber which, combined with Strata’s manufacturing processes, guarantees uniform size and predictable support performance. They are most commonly used for tailgate support, but are also very effective as bleeder entry support, seals and numerous other secondary support applications.

Link-N-Locks are available in lengths from 0.7 metres to 1.5 metres, and have been installed to heights of 7.3 metres. The strength of the blocks is directly correlated to the length; this means that the longer the blocks, the stronger the overall chock. Since the system is made up of individual blocks and assembled on location, it is lighter in weight and much easier to handle than conventional chock ties. This also gives mines the flexibility to configure the supports for each individual application. Link-N-Lock blocks are standardised, which makes it possible to assemble different length units into the same chock. They can be assembled in squares or rectangles, providing a large surface contact area at the roof.
Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Link-N-Lock is 100% contact between its layers. This allows the support to be more timber-efficient by using 100% of the timber’s support capacities. There is less timber needed per system, reducing the amount of material handling underground. In some applications, a Link-n-Lock uses up to 40% less wood for the same support strength as a traditional nine-point chock.” These features translate to significant savings in shipping, productivity, handling and labour. As with all Strata’s products, the company will specifically package the product to optimise transport to and into the mine.

Strata Worldwide has highly experienced mining engineers on staff who can evaluate mining conditions and recommend systems and strategies that will provide the most cost-effective support system for specific needs. They are also available to assist customers throughout the implementation.

If you would like further information, please contact us at +61-02- 4960-9705, info@strataproducts.com.au or visit us at http://www.strataworldwide.com/au/roof-supports/link-n-lock

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