Springvale coal mine gets PAC approvals

Centennial Coal’s Springvale coal mine in Lithgow has received Planning Assessment Commission approval for its planned expansion.

The announcement is a win for the site, after its previously recommended expansions were ordered back to public hearing by Planning Minister Rob Stokes.

The setback in the approvals process shock the mine, which was forced to stand down 300 workers on forced leave due to the lag in approvals time.

Now the PAC has lodged its report, approving the extension of the Springvale operation, with four extra recommendations relating to water discharges and the effects of subsidence.

It also suggested an expansion of a proposed Independent Monitoring Panel to ensure environmental protection, according to the ABC.

Following these approvals the proposed expansion will head the NSW Department of Planning, and then back to the PAC before a decision is made at a federal level.

A Centennial Coal spokesperson told Australian Mining it was happy with the new outcome.

“We’re pleased that for a second time the PAC report is favourable, and supports the expansion plans,” she said.

“We hope that the NSW Department of Planning will deal with it with the same urgency as the PAC has shown.

“We expect the report to secure the appropriate approvals at both state and federal levels by October.”

The expansion would secure 310 full-time jobs and an additional 60 jobs during construction.

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