South African miner buys ‘riot control’ drone

An unnamed South African miner has bought 25  pepper –spraying, paintball shooting flying drones known for their riot control capacities.

It comes as the country has seen a number of violent mining strikes occur over pay and conditions on site.

Last year up to 4000 workers went on strike at Anglo American’s platinum mine, some refusing to come out from the underground mine, and others marching on the operation.

These strikes have seen deadly violence break out, and continued since June last year, with a number of deaths and injuries recorded, and have been on going on a rolling basis since then.

The worst incidents were in 2012 at Marikana, where 34 were left dead and 78 wounded in a single day of violent protests.

Known as ‘The Skunk”, the flying helicopter from Desert Wolf is equipped with cameras, strobe lights, and four paintball guns which can fire multiple types of ammunition.

“The Skunk is equipped with 4 high-capacity paint ball barrels releasing at up to 20 paint balls per second each, with 80 Pepper balls per second stopping any crowd in its tracks,” Desert Wolf said.

“The current hopper capacity of 4000 balls and with a High Pressure Carbon Fiber Air system it allows for real stopping power. Bright strobe lights, blinding Lasers and with on-board speakers enables communication and warnings to the crowd.”

It is understood that ‘blinding lasers’ are banned for use in war under the Geneva Convention in Protocol IV, and have been since 1995.

While Desert Wolf would not disclose the name of the miner, it did state that it is an international mining corporation.

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