Socialists push for resource nationalisation in WA

The Socialist Alliance are aiming to nationalise Western Australia’s resources as they put forward three candidates for the 2013 state elections.

The socialist party will run a campaign to urge the state government to bring the big mining companies operating in the state under public ownership, to provide funding for social and environmental projects in WA, Green Left reported.

“The mining boom has brought tremendous wealth to the Gina Rineharts of the world,'' Socialist Alliance candidate Farida Iqbal said.

“But while the 1% are counting their profits, a lot of people in WA are doing it tough.

“Perth faces a rising homelessness problem and all over the state people are suffering from high rents or mortgage stress. We need more public housing and the money should come from the mining billionaires.'

“Labor and Liberal governments have written the rules for the big mining companies, which means their activities are not genuinely accountable to the community and they get away with paying woefully inadequate royalties and minimal tax,” Fremantle Councillor and Socialist Alliance candidate for Willagee Sam Wainwright said.

Wainwright is also in support for the public ownership of the WA’s resources.

"You can't control what you don't own,” he said.

“Since the people need control of the mining industry, the people should own it.'

Wainwright outlined the party’s plan if they were to be elected, saying they would close all uranium mines, phase out coal, oil and gas extraction and then use what ever profits remain from the mining industry to develop social services in the state.

“Our first plan would be to immediately close down the Toro uranium mine and any other uranium mines that get approved by the current government.

“Second, we'd develop a plan for a rapid phasing out of coal, oil and gas extraction in favour of renewable alternative.

“Third, we'd use the wealth from the rest of the mining industry to boost social services like public housing, education, health and public transport.''

Earlier this year Australian Mining reported Ernst & Young listed resource nationalism as the number risk for miners globally.

It said that resource nationalism is now more a challenge than it was a year ago.

"Many governments around the world have now gone beyond taxation in seeking a great take from the sector, with a wave of requirements introduced such as mandated benefication, export levies, and limits on foreign ownerships."

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