SMC products for mineral extraction and processing applications

Mining has for a long time been one of the country’s most prominent industries. Despite the ups and downs, companies continue to innovate to deliver a competitive advantage for this crucial sector.

Understanding some of the broader challenges that the mining industry faces allows the team at SMC to provide the best possible support.

Current economic conditions, severe global competition, environmental regulations and a continuous focus on safety coupled with zero downtime are just some of the critical factors that the mining industry in Australia is grappling with but 2018 has been a year for ‘resurfacing’.

Job vacancies have opened up and SMC has stood by the industry throughout.

The company is focusing on hands-on involvement by its team and are continuously delivering on new technologies to keep delivering on what the industry demands.

IP8101 Smart Positioner from SMC

 A sought-after offering for the mining industry is SMC’s IP8101 smart positioner. This positioner controls the accurate positioning of pneumatic cylinders or process valves, and these can be maintained in any selected position – from fully open to fully closed position as determined from your control system.

Used extensively in mining and mineral processing, water treatment, chemical processing, steel processing, and many other industries, the IP8101 positioner is now an industry standard. The positioner can be fitted to a wide range of valves with adaptor brackets and feedback linkages have been developed for many configurations.

Product features include:

  • For mounting on pneumatic cylinders, rotary actuators and diaphragm valves
  • Lever or rotary type
  • High accuracy and stability
  • Integrated self-calibration
  • HART transmission mode
  • Option: continuous analogue output 4-20 mA DC and alarms
  • ATEX compliant

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