Smarter Technology Solutions For Enhanced Productivity And Safety

Workers in mine sites are faced with hazardous and challenging environments on a daily basis. Noisy surroundings make it difficult for messages to get through between mine workers and can result in dangerous miscommunications with drastic consequences. Safety may be compromised in such situations and an interruption in production may result in extremely expensive downtime.

Motorola has taken into consideration the numerous potential dangers of such surroundings and designed the MTP8550Ex to effectively address the unique requirements of mine sites. The MTP8550Ex has been optimised to enhance productivity of workers whilst meeting stringent safety standards to assist smoother flows of mission-critical communications.

The following are a few of the key features of the MTP8550Ex which address and overcome the difficulties of daily operations in mine sites. Firstly, Tetra technology delivers rich, loud, and clear audio with outstanding performance in noisy environments. Messages between workers and instructions provided by management will get through clearer and certify smoother flows of daily operations.

This model’s compliance with ATEX and IECEx safety standards as well as its IP65, IP66, and IP67 ratings are of high importance for enhancing worker safety in the mining industry. Its intrinsically safe build allows for mission critical communication in potentially dangerous environments involving explosive gases and harmful chemical vapours and fumes. Finally, the ergonomic design, colour screen, and T-bar shaped grip of the MTP8550Ex allows workers wearing protective gloves in mines and other such extreme environments to operate the radio seamlessly.

Together with enhanced coverage, this radio’s powerful features and user benefits ensure the successful execution of secure and reliable communications in challenging environments. Adding the MTP8550Ex to your fleet will ensure a safer and more secure flow of communications whilst efficiently reaching production targets.

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