Smart technology filters through

Remote control combined with adaptive technology is helping bring mining screens into the 21st century. Jessica Darnbrough writes for Australian Mining.

Over the last few years, with pros­pects high and demand boom­ing, minerals processing plants and mining equipment grew in size and capacity.

Remote control and automation also became a favour­able option for mining companies as they at­tempted to increase productivity.

Today, as the world reels from a recession that is slowly becom­ing more dominant, remote control is still proving to be a favourable option.

It allows miners to monitor equip­ment from a centralised control centre in turn, increasing the efficiency of the operation.

For the first time, one mining tech­nology provider has developed a range of global mining screens that capitalise on the benefits of remote control and automation.

Metso has developed a range of screens that have imbedded SMART technology and adaptive abilities.

Global vice president of Metso Min­ing Screens Greg Albert told Australian Mining the screens were developed in response to the desperate need for screens that can compliment the same capacity and abilities as other equipment on site.

“In the nineties we were challenged by the market to develop larger capac­ity machines,” Albert said.

“This was then running concurrently with the introduction of larger capacity crushing, milling and conveying equip­ment.

“This resulted in the design of the then new multi angled screen decks which we pioneered.

“In the current era however, mining customers want a total solution which includes maintenance, plant optimisa­tion and on site adjustability,” he said.

Adaptive ways

Metso built a mining screen range com­plete with adaptive technology

“For the first time, mining screens have the ability to adapt to the specific site conditions,” Albert said.

“The screens are infinitely adjustable and are global designs which means cus­tomers, with branches in many parts of the world, can implement the same tech­nology on each minesite.

“We have put in place adjustable vibrator speeds, strokes, throws and angles. In fact, all of the main mechani­cal components are adjustable.”

With the new screen range, G Forces can be optimised and screen deck angles can be altered to optimise efficiency and media wear prior to installation.

Adaptor plates have also been installed on the screen support beam, which allows customers to adapt the deck surface to suit changing conditions or needs

Moreover, the screens are fitted with new linear motion gearboxes or the cir­cular motion exciters with adjustable fly­wheels for stroke adjustment.

The screens can be driven with a vee belt, jack shaft and/or variable speed drive so that optimum speed can be achieved.

“Extensive trials carried out at our testing facility in Brazil, combined with crucial customer feedback have helped us challenge the traditional screen and exciter designs and replace it with an exciter that has the power to adapt to any environment,” Albert said.

• Greg Albert

Metso Global Vice President Mining Screens

02 4978 8118

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