Slow start to uranium exploration in NSW

NSW may have opened up the state to uranium exploration but only one company has submitted an application to search for the metal.

While the ban on uranium mining in NSW has not been lifted, the government wants to better understand the extent of the state’s reserves and any potential economic benefits.

Last year it invited six companied to apply for exploration licences in the state.

The six companies invited to apply for licenses were Australian Zirconia, Callabonna Resources, EJ Resources, Hartz Rare Earths, Iluka Resources and Marmota Energy.

However, only EJ Resources has submitted its application in time to meet the government’s March deadline.

The company will explore an area north of Broken Hill.

Broken Hill mayor Wincen Cuy has previously said his region would benefit from exploration activities.

"From my point of view we should be exploring every opportunity or every avenue as long as we take up the risks and analyse those against the benefits," Cuy said.

"It's a positive to start off with that it is in and around our area."

Cuy said further community consultation would be required should the ban on uranium mining be overturned in years to come.

"I'd welcome those discussions down the track," Cuy said.

"If nuclear power from the federal government's point of view is on the agenda down the track as well I think those discussions should be had with the community."

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