Slope design processes for mine plan and design [Podcast]

John Read, research manager for mass mining projects at the CSIRO speaks to MiningIQ about his model for slope design processes.

John Read, Research Manager for Mass Mining Projects of the CSIRO spoke to Mining IQ about his model for the slope design process and how mine planners and designers can use this model to ensure safety and productivity in their mines.

Questions Mining IQ asked include:

 1. You’ve developed a model for the slope design process.  Would you be able to briefly talk us through this model before we discuss some of the key points in it?
2. So how can mine planners and engineers use this model to ensure a sufficient slope stability?
3. And how can mine planning engineers achieve a reliable geotechnical model?
4. What can our listeners do during this development to ensure that this model is populated with relevant data, and what data should they be measuring?

This podcast originally appeared on MiningIQ.


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