A smarter condition monitoring system for fixed or mobile machines

The book-sized, smart SKF Multilog On-line systems IMx-8 and IMx-16Plus.

Historically, online condition monitoring has been restricted to the most critical assets.

However, the new generation SKF multilog on-line system IMx-16plus, which is based on the proven new generation SKF multilog on-line system IMx-8, allows condition-based maintenance to be integrated in applications that would previously have been too costly to consider.

With the ability to monitor everything from a single machine to an entire plant from a central location, the SKF multilog IMx-16plus integrates seamlessly with other devices (such as the IMx-8) to allow more extensive deployment.

The machine intelligence from SKF multilog on-line system IMx-16plus data will help more users of rotating equipment avoid unplanned machine downtime and schedule maintenance proactively, prolonging machine availability and minimising maintenance and repair costs.

Praveen Salian, product line manager from SKF Australia commented, “Higher asset availability is critical to efficient production.

“The SKF multilog On-line system IMx-16plus helps end users achieve this by providing early warning of potential problems. The new generation system is big on performance with more functionality, featuring 4GB of internal memory which is capable of storing a year’s worth of machine data and event storage, all of which is accessible on your IOS or android device.

“Through cloud-enabled services, one can get connected with SKF experts who can provide detail analysis reports and recommendations that helps you make sure your equipment performs at its best, all of the time.”

Since its introduction to the market in 2018, the new generation SKF multilog On-line system has become a proven and successful products across multiple industries and segments, with about 6000 devices being delivered to date and used in applications where we were not able to step in before. It is time to give a step forward and introduce the new SKF multilog on-line system IMx-16plus.

The new generation SKF multilog on-line system IMx-16plus features 16 analogue inputs and four digital inputs in addition to integrated Wi-fi and mobile connectivity.

Discover the technology, view the video to see how the IMx units can benefit your condition monitoring program or contact via SKF.technology.aus@skf.com.

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