Sixth largest diamond ever discovered

Lucara has hit the jackpot again, uncovering an 813 carat diamond only days after their 1111 carat discovery.

The stone is reportedly the sixth largest diamond on record.

The miner uncovered two more large exceptional white stones from the south lobe of the Karowe mine in Botswana.

Using XRT diamond recovery units Lucara has recovered an 813 carat and 374 carat stone, however the weight of the stones may change as they are yet to be cleaned.

Lucara president William Lam b was shocked at the additional discovery.

“I am truly at a loss for words,” Lamb said.

“This has been an amazing week for Lucara with the recovery of the second largest and also the sixth largest gem quality diamonds ever mined; we are truly blessed by this amazing asset."

The market is currently examining the value of the recent 1111 carat diamond uncovered earlier this month.



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