Singleton calls for coal seam gas ban

The Singleton Council has proposed a ban on coal seam gas exploration and drilling within its shire.

Its council came together for the establishment of the new Land Environment Plan, which would prohibit exploration from areas such as Hermitage Road Belford, Roughit Lane Sedgefield and Broke.

It would also exclude it from Bulga, where Xstrata currently operates an open cut coal mine.

The council will be taking its proposal to the State Government.

"We would be quite happy for it to be under the legislation that the black coal miners have to deal with because they actually are accountable for the impacts," councilor Alison Howlett said.

The Hunter Valley Protection Alliance believes the decision increases pressure on the State Government and opposition to address growing community concerns.

"This is becoming a national agenda item, Singleton Council has taken a major step in making that happen," Alliance executive officer, John Thomson told the ABC.

The backlash against coal seam gas follows similar community ire surrounding the Kingaroy coal seam gasification plant, which was accused of contaminating the local water supply.

This is also on the back of announcements that coal seam gas drilling has been slated for the Sydney basin.

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