Single-Use Gloves an Efficient Mining PPE Solution

Mining industry workers are placed under some of the harshest workplace conditions; enduring daily contact with heavy-duty materials, equipment, high temperatures and hazardous chemicals. Ensuring they are using the right protective equipment for each individual task is vital to both worker safety and production efficiency. 

Particular importance is given to hand protection in mining environments due to workers’ need to maintain a high level of grip and dexterity without compromising on safety from sharp objects, heavy machinery, heat, oil and other hazardous chemicals. Employing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that has been specifically designed to protect workers from potential harm is an absolute necessity.

Formalised Work Health and Safety guidelines and legislation are in place for hand protection, but the need for specialised safety equipment is often overlooked by PPE Managers who are often under pressure to keep costs down in this economy.

PPE an Investment in Hand Safety

Upfront costs may be kept to a minimum by using one kind of glove for all types of work, but the reduction in dexterity, grip, protection and overall worker safety puts companies and workers at risk of efficiency and production losses, not to mention costly Workers’ Compensation claims in the event of an accident.

This is where PPE designed to suit specific applications such as highly skilled dexterous tasks comes into play. Providing the correct type of protective glove to suit the requirements of specific mining job applications can make a significant difference in worker protection and efficiency.

Investing in specifically tailored PPE for hand protection can therefore serve as a cost effective solution by not only reducing the risk of accidents on the production line, but allowing workers to complete their tasks safely, efficiently and in compliance with Work Health and Safety guidelines and regulations.

Single-Use Gloves: Reliable & Cost Effective Protection

Protecting workers from injury is the responsibility of employers, and making an educated selection of protective gear can also make it a wise economic choice. The cost benefits of investing in specialised single-use gloves far outweigh the potential costs of cutting corners in the PPE department.

Innovation in the area of PPE by Ansell has resulted in a single-use range of Microflex gloves that are able to be worn as protection during a task and then discarded. The Microflex range is easy to use, provide a high degree of strength and protection, and offer a textured grip for use in slippery applications as well as a high-visibility option for improved safety.

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