Single point grease lubricators are saving heavy industry time and money

The latest bearing industry forecasts predict worldwide sales of bearings will rise to $US100 billion in 2018, highlighting the importance of the lubricator in industrial applications.

However, studies of bearing failures show the two main causes are inadequate lubrication and contamination. Together they account for more than 50 per cent of bearing failures in the field.

The good news is that unlike overload, installation errors, storage and handling errors, bearing failures due to inadequate lubrication and contamination are preventable in most cases.

In industries where contamination levels are high, such as mining, quarrying, mineral processing, metals manufacturing and processing, and power generation, bearings need constant grease top ups.

This maintains a seal around the bearing to prevent the entry of contamination. And, if grease is constantly exiting the bearing, contaminants like water in particular, will be constantly purged out of the bearing. This keeps the bearing environment clean and well lubricated allowing the bearings to achieve the best life possible.

Many of these industries can also have bearings spread over large physical areas, in hazardous locations or where access is difficult, expensive or interrupts production.

So what is the best option to lubricate bearings on site?

Single point grease lubricators are one of the best and most cost-effective ways of achieving reliable and effective bearing lubrication.

Often a lower cost choice than a full automatic centralised lubrication system, single point grease lubricators can be self- installed and self-maintained and managed.

Moreover, it is possible for large plants to be upgraded to single point lubrication incrementally, making for a financially easy solution that can be scheduled around plant logistics. And if desired, a plant wide programme can be implemented thereby changing the whole dynamic of bearing performance.

ALEMLUBE provides several choices of single point grease lubricators which offer heavy industries a solution for a wide range of applications, from light duty to severe.

The Pulsarlube M is a fully electro/mechanical lubricator, available in 60cc, 125cc, 250cc and 500cc sizes and can pump grease at pressures of up to 60 bar (850psi).

The pumping mechanism is precise and not effected by temperature or bearing back pressure, enabling highly accurate and reliable greasing of plant and equipment where accurate control is a necessity.

It is reusable and refillable via service packs of pre-packaged grease in bladders and replaceable batteries.

Discharge rates are adjustable from one month up to a maximum of 24 months in some M series models. The pressure generated by the M series is so high that the lubricator can be mounted up to 8m away from the bearing or can supply up to 8 greasing points via a small progressive metering valve, so that it can effectively perform the task of a small auto lube system.

The M series also incorporates an LCD display which clearly shows the settings and performance of the device, including the number of lube cycles performed, time remaining till empty and a bearing blockage alarm.

Finally, ALEMLUBE has introduced the BEKAONE electro/mechanical lubricator. The BEKAONE is fully sealed and disposable, but can be refilled via a grease nipple up to 6 times before it’s battery is exhausted. With 120cc capacity per fill and 10bar (150psi) maximum working pressure, the BEKAONE provides a high precision alternative for users wanting to use bulk grease to refill in-situ. The BEKAONE can be mounted up to 2m from a bearing and is adjustable from 1 month to 24 months. The BEKAONE can provide a total discharge of up to 720ml before replacement.

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