Simex rotary cutters help to increase yield and reduce waste

Traditional ‘drilling and blasting’ methods used to quarry on fractured rock can be a time-consuming, two-stage process. Simex twin header rotary cutters give excellent results when conventional digging systems are too weak and percussion tools have little effect.

Simex twin header rotary cutters offer significant increase in yield and reduction in waste for mining and quarrying operators.

Simex twin headers are designed to be used in quarrying, tunnelling and mining applications with a variety of rock including limestone, gypsum or schist of hardness up to 85 mPa.

Simex’s patented design ensures minimal vibration, low noise and high torque featuring 90 degrees cutter head rotation and a sealing system that prevents impurities entering the motor even when the attachment is submerged into the ground or operating in muddy conditions.

Replaceable anti-wear plates reduce maintenance costs, and double support bearings for each drum ensure longer service life as shaft transmits motion only and bears no load.
SIMEX twin headers can be mounted on carriers from 1.2 tonnes up to 70 tonnes with maximum cutting force varying from 13.5 to 114.5 kN.

Simex products are available and supported by a dedicated Australian dealer network with ready access to genuine parts and a wealth of operational knowledge and experience to ensure these innovative products continue to contribute to customer’s profitability for their entire working life.

• Victoria – Walkers Hammers
• New South Wales – Ground Tec
• Queensland and Northern Territory –Qld Rock Breakers (QRB)
• Western Australia – Total Rockbreaking Solutions (TRS)
• South Australia – RAM Equipment
• Tasmania – DLM Machinery

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