Should we force the unemployed into mining jobs?

Bob Katter says if he were Queensland Premier he’d start programs to train 40,000 unskilled workers for mining jobs and unemployed people refusing the work would lose their benefits.

The North West Star reports Katter said training mining workers wasn’t difficult but the programs currently weren’t in place to get new workers into the industry.

"If we won the election and I was the Premier of Queensland, there'd be 40,000 people in training for those jobs in the Galilee Basin right now,” he said.

“And if they didn't want to go there and do their training, they wouldn't get their dole cheque.”

According to The Australian Atlas Iron executive chairman David Flanagan has also questioned whether more pressure should be put on unemployed workers to take on a mining job.

“I am just posing the question: is it fair on those people who are doing the hard yards with fly-in, fly-out jobs in the industry to subsidise those people who are choosing not to?” he said.

Flanagan said while he didn’t support having unemployed people lose Government benefits, Canberra needed to question how much people deserved welfare if they were unwilling to relocate to take up a mining job.

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