Shell report shows importance of lubrication

Shell Lubricants, in association with research firm Edelman Intelligence, has released an international study stating that the manufacturing industry currently underestimates the cost and productivity benefits of effective lubrication.

According to Yin Jie, Shell Global’s sector manager for general manufacturing, the impact of lubrication on maintenance costs is often underestimated. Only 46 per cent of the 493 respondents included in the study stated the link between lubricant management and product performance was a major factor in their purchasing decisions.

“It was surprising to see that only 46 per cent of companies believe product performance should be an important consideration when purchasing lubricants,” he said.

“A high-quality lubricant that keeps equipment clean of deposits and effectively protects against wear can help extend equipment life and reduce frequency of breakdowns.

“This could help manufacturing companies significantly decrease spend on spare parts and maintenance.”

According to the report, one in five companies estimate incurring costs of over $US250,000 ($319,000) as a result of improper lubrication of equipment. It was also estimated that over the last three years, 70 per cent of unplanned equipment shutdowns were due to use of incorrect lubricants. Among the companies surveyed, 46 per cent didn’t believe lubrication helped lower maintenance costs, and 57 per cent stated they didn’t entirely comprehend how lubrication can prove an influence on downtime.

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