Shell Diesel Extra to improve fuel efficiency for Australian mines

Shell has introduced its Shell Diesel Extra to approved customers’ in mines across Australia, to help the mining sector improve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

It will be available at three Shell terminals including: Kalgoorie (WA), and Pinkenba and Townsville (QLD), with plans underway to expand the number of terminals that provide Shell Diesel Extra.

Shell will also provide on-site delivery of the fuel to approved customers.

Shell Diesel Extra was reportedly developed to help benefit the mining and transport sector, designed to deliver fuel savings of up to three percent over the lifetime of a vehicle compared to regular diesel.

Mick Pattinson, Shell Australia’s senior fuels and lubricants technical advisor, says Shell Diesel Extra can help the mining sector improve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

In 2008, Shell conducted a six-month trial with a Chilean mining company to compare the performance of regular diesel with Shell Diesel Extra.

The trial examined the performance of nine Caterpillar 785C and eight 777D dump trucks, and resulted in a 2.2 percent fuel saving for those that were using Shell Diesel Extra.

“After just six months, the trial demonstrated strong fuel efficiency and we would expect these results to remain consistent over time”, said Pattinson.

Shell has also reportedly invested $30 million in upgrading its Gladstone terminal, which will store Shell Diesel Extra when the upgrade is complete. 

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