Sex worker slams mine towns for “disgusting” discrimination

A prostitute from Queensland’s mining regions has hit back at angry locals, claiming discrimination against her work was “disgusting” and putting sex workers in danger.
In an interview with the Daily Mercury the anonymous woman said sex workers faced difficulties in mining towns because motel owners discriminated against them and ejected them from their accommodation. 
“They kick you out, no refund – regardless of whether you have one or seven days left,” she said.
The woman said the harsh treatment posed risks to sex workers and could force them on to the streets.
Some sex workers have previously bragged about earning more money in a day than miners could in a week. 
Other prostitutes in mining towns say the high wages of miners have allowed them to charge up to $250 an hour for their services.
The reports have previously sparked concerns from health experts about the spread of sexually transmitted diseases
They have also had community members concerned about the fiscal responsibility of high earning miners who appeared to be wasting money.
Late last year University of New England associate professor John Scott told Australian Mining there was no evidence to suggest a rise in sex workers translated to a rise in sexually transmitted diseases in the community.
He also said there had been no study to back up claims rural sex work had increased beyond normal levels.
“There hasn’t been any data on it, but my hunch is that it would not be epidemic in these areas,” he said.
Image: Perth Now

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