Serious incidents at QLD mines jump

A report by the Queensland Government has shown an increase in serious incidents at mines and quarries in the state and found a quarter of the serious incidents involved fire.

In total, 189 serious accidents or highly dangerous incidents were reported during February.

This figure is 54 incidents higher than the yearly average, and according to the report from the Department of Employment Economic Development and Innovation shows 20 vehicle collisions occurred in February and there were 35 instances of drivers losing control of their vehicle.

The number of fires in the period was 48, as compared to 30 in January and 25 in December.

Last month a fitter has his beard singed when he was soldering a wire and another suffered burns to his face, hands and head when part of an excavator caught fire.

Last week, a union organiser blasted Anglo Coal for “extremely poor” safety standards, following the closure of two Central Queensland mines due to two accidents in 24 hours.

A dump truck and ute collided at the Dawson mine on Friday and at the Callide mine a bulldozer was buried during excavation.

Image: The Daily Mercury

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