Second lock out at Appin coal mine

BHP has again locked out its workers for the second time in two weeks.

The lockout occurred from early Sunday morning and runs into today.

The Association of Professional Engineers Scientist and Managers Australia (APESMA) chief Chris Walton stated that this latest lockout of mining supervisors was an aggressive and unnecessary action by the miner, and had a wide impact.

"This second lockout is a tactic to intimidate workers, rather than working constructively to resolve a pay dispute," Walton said.

“These strongarm tactics do not help anyone. In fact, locking out workers just makes it harder to reach an agreement.

“These workers want to negotiate calmly and reasonably with BHP. Yet instead of talking it through sensibly like adults, BHP jumps at the chance to roll out the heavy artillery. After almost six months of BHP refusing to resolve this dispute they go over the top and lock out their workers twice in two weeks.

“We say to BHP there is a better way – don’t lock your workers out, come back to the table – to talk this through.”
The lockout came after the mining supervisors gave the company notification of their plans to undertake stop work meetings.

The supervisors have carried out a series of strikes since late last year, when fifty supervisors walked off the job in a long running pay disputes.

Strikes have also gripped BHP's other Illawarra coal mine, Dendrobium.

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