Search resumes for missing prospector in WA

The search for missing WA prospector Jennie Kehlet is set to resume after police located the remains of her husband Raymond Kehlet at the bottom of a 12 metre mine shaft.

The Kehlets were declared missing on March 31 after failing to return from a prospecting trip near Sandstone in WA’s Goldfields region.

Raymond Kehlet’s body was found in a mineshaft around 1.8km from their campsite on April 8, however Jennie Kehlet has not been found.

Major Crime Division Detective Superintendent Alan Morton said the new search will be expanded to include Table Top Tower, a disused mine, "and some fresh places of interest".

"It's part of the ongoing investigation and also for the sake of completeness," he told ABC radio on Monday.

"There isn't any startling new evidence which is directing the search efforts, however, it is appropriate due to the significance of these local landmarks just outside the two search areas, so it is worthwhile.

"Unfortunately, there's been no specific information – this is just taking advice from our external land search and rescue experts."

Morton said police were reaching out to potential witnesses in the Sandstone area in mid- to late-March who haven't yet come forward.

"It's an area that we know is frequented by travellers and prospectors, so it is in fact quite possible that someone with information relevant to our inquiry has been out of contact in recent months,” Morton said.

Image: WA Today 

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