Search on for a “mining champion” to defend industry

Do you want to win a three year contract to defend the mining industry? An association in QLD is running a competition aimed at fighting back against negativity levelled at the sector.

The North Queensland Miners' Association said mining is too often vilified by activist groups, protestors and mainstream media.

President Ralph Delacey said this unfair portrayal of mining companies and mine workers is affecting how the industry is viewed by the public.

In response, the association is seeking a “mining champion” to speak up about the benefits mining brings to Queensland communities.

"We are looking to hold a competition which we will roll out over the next 12 months, a bit like the 'X Factor' or something like that, where a panel will judge the final champion,” Delacey said.

“The prize will be a three-year contract.

“The job is to defend the mining industry.”

Delacey said Queensland would not survive without mining, and that it was important to spread a positive message about the industry throughout the state.

“We have to get that message back out there that mining is important, that it is the cornerstone of the state and it should be treated as such.”

"We need somebody that is recognised by the media, in particular, as an independent person to go to to speak for the mining industry – non-political, unbiased – and we want that champion to become the face of mining in Queensland."

Delacey told Australian Mining anyone in anyone who benefits from mining should support the program.

“That covers everybody in Queensland,” he said.

The association envisions the winner of the competition will be young and energetic with a willingness to learn about the mining sector.

“The mining champion needs to step in and put the facts forward in the face of negativity,” Delacey said.

“He or she will be fair dinkum, unbiased, and will answer questions factually.”

A winner is expected to be announced late next year.

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