Scraper replenishes vegetation

A new scraper has established itself as the preferred earthmoving machine for the rehabilitation and replacement of surface areas for the new mineral sands mining operations.

A new scraper has established itself as the preferred earthmoving machine for the rehabilitation and replacement of surface areas for mineral sands mining operations.

The scraper, which has an overall working width of 4.5m and weighs approximately 13 tonnes, is currently operating in Piacentini & Son’s Picton fleet, about 175 km south of Perth.

The scraper was manufactured by Colin O’Bryan of Murray Valley Lasers in Swan Hill Victoria and was designed to be trailed behind a large horsepower four wheel drive tractor.

Piacentini has two O’Bryan machines working, both in WA, and has recently taken delivery of three more.

Piacentini & Son has a long term relationship with the beach and mineral sands mining industry and now claims the largest ownership of CAT and other plant items of any similar business in Australia.

Today, contracting operations are undertaken by Piacentini at six or more mining and two mine rehabilitation sites in the southwest of Western Australia, involving over 200 employees.

Elsewhere the company is working at Eneabba north of Perth, at Stradbroke Island on Australia’s east coast as well as the Pilbara in Western Australia.

According to O’Bryan, Piacentini & Son purchased the scraper after receiving positive feedback from other mining companies that were implementing the machine on-site.

The 4.5 HD carry scraper is fitted with four large high floatation tyres, typically 20.5 by 25, resulting in less soil compaction than a traditional scraper tyre foot print.

According to manufacturer, Wemen in Victoria used the scraper to replace the sub and top soil and the area now has vegetables growing in the area.

“Landholders want to see their productivity restored after the valuable mineral sands have been extracted,” O’Bryan said.

“We have plenty of evidence that the restored surface is usually in much better condition that the original with better gradients and drainage, a more even surface and with the natural soil profile restored.

“The lighter weight and lighter footprint of our machines also does not compact the soil unduly and this is another bonus.

The company has built large sized carry-grade scraper for a diverse range of applications in the mining and resource sector especially for topsoil replacement or tailings dump restoration works.

“We have the ability to customise our designs to suit a wide range of potential applications and we welcome enquiries from earthmoving contractors, mining companies and the rural sector” O’Bryan said.

Colin OBryan

Murray Valley Lasers

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