Satellite developments improve mining autonomy, networks


The Federal Government has bolstered Australia’s abilities in satellite navigation and positioning with an open-source software and a $5.48 million contract benefitting mining and numerous other industries.

Geoscience Australia, a government earth science agency, has developed Ginan – the first Australian-made software to provide instantaneous positioning signals from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

This development – named after a star which aided the First Australians’ navigation – will be used in mining to boost operational efficiency and improve automation systems.

Geoscience Australia’s National Positioning Infrastructure branch head Martine Woolf said Ginan opened a range of opportunities across industries.

“Ginan will allow Australians to enjoy the benefits of precise positioning through the creation of new services and products, and in doing so drive Australia’s economic growth,” Woolf said.

The technology will improve the accuracy of location services from 10 metres down to three to five centimetres, according to Geoscience Australia.

Ginan 1.0 will be released in mid-2022, while an alpha version is currently available and a beta version is planned for February 2022.

Also in spatial positioning, the Federal Government has awarded a $5.48 million contract to Myriota to expand its satellite communications network.

Myriota is a leader in South Australia’s space industry and will use the money to enable a network of nano-satellites to collate data for a new communications network.

Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said this initiative would also have over-arching benefits to Australia

“This technology has the potential to be used beyond defence, with potential impact across almost all sectors of the Australian economy,” Price said.

“From mining to remote education, Myriota’s secure satellite communications technologies will provide global connectivity.”

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