Santos plant workers sacked for planking on smokestacks

Two South Australian resource workers have been fired for planking on top of a plant’s smokestacks, 60 metres off the ground.

The discovery of photographs of the stunt at Santos in Whyalla was deemed extremely dangerous by the company and the two were sacked immediately.

Two other employees have been stood down for failing to intervene.

Their suspension is pending on an investigation into the incident.

The company, an oil and gas producer, was not responding to requests for comments last night.

Planking, where participants lay face down, usually in an unusual place and take photographs, has been around for some time, but has increased in popularity with the recent interest by the mainstream media.

A Brisbane man fell to his death in Brisbane last week when he was planking on a seventh-floor balcony.

Despite the death, planking is growing in popularity, with almost 150 000 fans on Facebook.

Image: Channel 7

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