Santos agrees to Fair Work decision on worker’s pay

Santos has accepted Fair Work rulings over work conditions and payment of employees at its GLNG plant.

Santos and the Australian Workers Union (AWU) have been arguing over the agreement for GLNG employees since June 2015.

Santos sought individual contracts but workers voted to bargain collectively in September 2015, the AWU came in to negotiate the conditions and worker’s pay.

When a decision was still not made by December, both parties sought Fair Work to decide which roles would be included in the collective agreement.

AWU organiser Tony Beers said it was a long process for those who found out they were all going to be included in the agreement, according to a report by The Gladstone Observer.

“The concept of individual contracts has led employees to get together to collectively bargain,” he said.

He added that Fair Work’s decision would enable more employees to get better conditions. They added 27 more workers making a total of 105. The added 27 are field team leaders, panel technicians, and laboratory technicians. These coming together with the 78 process technicians, mechanical technicians, and electrical and instrument technicians already included in the collective agreement.

Santos claims that those three roles should not have been included in the agreement as they were more senior, and laboratory technicians worked in a different section of the plant.

Despite evidence that they often relieved as managers, the commissioner ruled that it was not part of their everyday roles, with laboratory technicians interacting with other workers enough to be included.

A Santos spokesperson said, “We accepted the commissioner’s decision and we look forward to working constructively with union representatives through the EBA process.”

Beers said he was ready for a fast resolution with all workers who sought a bargain.

The two parties are scheduled to meet on May 24.

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