Sandvik to launch DI550 down-the-hole hammer drill rigs in late-2010

Sandvik has announced plans to ship the DI550, the first model in a new generation of down-the-hole drill rigs, by the end of this year.

According to the manufacturer, the rig is designed for small and medium-sized quarries and contractors that use three to five inch hammer drills.

The machine features a 324 kW diesel engine and a 24 bar compressor that generates airflows up to 24.4 m3.

The unit also comes with measures to control the speed of the engine and drilling and compressor temperature.

The rig has a modern, accurate control system featuring icon displays to simplify machine operation.

The machine also features an over-pressurised cab certified with Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) accreditation.

The rig comes with a dust collector that restricts the amount of emissions that escape into the environment.

However, this collector will also continually clean itself, improving filter life and reducing maintenance.

Similarly, the engine compartment has an open layout for easy access, the electric system has been simplified and all of the ‘daily’ maintenance points are located at ground level.

The cooler can be easily cleaned, while the compressor control system has a modular design, the company said.

According to the manufacturer, a fast fuel filling option and a large fuel tank can further reduce downtime.

The unit can be fitted with the three to five inch models of Sandvik’s RH550 hammers, which come with drill bits ranging 90 to 152 mm.

The rig will be launched with a new feed and rotary head.


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