Sandvik Pantera drill rig wins design award

Sandvik's down the hole percussive drill Pantera has won an international design award.

The rig, the DI6400 won the Best of the Best award as the 2014 Red Dot Awards product design category.

Sandvik released the rig late last year, amidst a flurry of new machine releases.


Speaking to Jan Petzold, Sandvik's vice president for mining, drilling equipment product lines TH and DTH, at the time he told Australian Mining  that although it is an old name (they stopped producing the Pantera line in 2006) it is a new family of percussive drilling machines.

"People are missing the names in drills, and lately it is just a list of letters and numbers for drills, so we are going back to what customers prefer," Petzold explained.

A major change to the release is the inclusion of the down the hole rig, as previously the line was only top hammer drill.


The Pantera DI6400 down the hole rig is "an advanced high pressure DTH drill designed to meet the industry's future needs in terms of safety, increased production, and full automation," Sandvik stated.

The Pantera has a hole diameter of between 115 to 203 mm and a drill pipe length of 7500mm which gives it a max hole depth of 45 metres.

Speaking to Petzold he told Australian Mining that one of the major features in the redesign of this rig has been fuel efficiency, particularly when operating the compressor.

"The drill disengages the engine when the compressor is operating, and something as simple as this is providing fuel savings of between 20 to 25%."

Safety has been a major aspect in the rig's design, with Petzold stating that these new drills have the safest cabin in their class.

"The cabin has both full ROPS and FOPS, and has not been built in the classic form, and is instead built from carbon fibre composites and is actually hanging underneath the canopy, which allows us to provide the ROPS and FOPS.

"On top of this the cabin itself is very ergonomic, has full air conditioning and only 75 decibels of noise."

Commenting on this win, Petzold said "this award symbolises our creativity, hard work, and innovative spirit".

"We’re all so proud that Pantera has received this globally-recognized mark of industrial design quality and we are delighted that it’s getting the recognition it deserves."

Markus Reinnikka, the design engineering manager at Sandvik, said "all of us in the design team are proud to be recognised as we are constantly renewing our design approach".

"This award is validation of the progress that our company has made over the past few years; development we are extremely confident will continue."

Last year Atlas Copco was recognised for its own drill system designs, winning an International Design Excellence award for the interface design of its RCS 5 rig's control system.



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