Sandvik launches new era for Toro trucks and loaders

Image: Sandvik.

Sandvik is reintroducing new models of the renowned Toro underground hard rock loaders and trucks, starting with the Toro LH517i and Toro LH621i loaders.

The Toro models, known as “the bull”, were first introduced to the market in the early 1970s and the new generation will make for safer, stronger and smarter vehicles.

The LH517i and LH621i models will come with several design upgrades to boost productivity, reduce cost of ownership and improve operator experience.

Both loaders will be equipped with a Stage V engine, which meets the most stringent current emission regulations.

Another new feature available to vehicles with the Stage V engine will be operator speed assist, which supports downhill tramming and preserves equipment brakes with the Sandvik intelligent control system, which can be set to a maximum speed limit.

The Toro vehicles can also be fitted with a new traction control system, which reduces wheel spin and slippage for further safety and extended tyre life.

Sandvik product line, load and haul vice president Wayne Scrivens said safety is at the forefront of the new Toro vehicles, while ensuring the strength and power of the original Toro machines.

“We also believe that environmentally-sound solutions and sustainability principles firmly belong with safety,” Scrivens said.

“Being smart involves seamless integration with Sandvik’s AutoMine and OptiMine offering but it is also about innovation and smart design, for example, how we arrange maintenance access, improve efficiency and reduce waste.

“Developing intelligence on all frontiers is and will be one of the key elements of the Toro going forward.”

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