Sandvik launches new drill rigs

Sandvik has launched a new top hammer and down the hole drill rig, and in the process revived an old line – Pantera.

As part of its massive Customer Day, where 300 people from 10 countries flooded its Tampere facility in Finland,the mining machinery manufacturer unveiled its new rigs.

The new Pantera rigs are known as the DP2000 in the case of the top hammer drill, and the DI6400 in the case of the down the hole rig.

Speaking to Jan Petzold, Sandvik's vice president for mining, drilling equipment product lines TH and DTH, he told Australian Mining  that although it is an old name (they stopped producing the Pantera line in 2006) it is a new family of percussive drilling machines.

"People are missing the names in drills, and lately it is just a list of letters and numbers for drills, so we are going back to what customers prefer," Petzold explained.

A major change to the release is the inclusion of the down the hole rig, as previously the line was only top hammer drill.

While both are being released by Sandvik at the same time, only the top hammer was on display at the show as the down the hole rig will be unveiled at the Euro Mining 2013 event.

Petzold added that these huge drills "have been as the customers are asking for larger and more reliable rigs".

Both have been built to allow for automation configuration according to a site's needs, with options such as teleremote operation for all functions, automatic feed positioning and alignment, data collection, and navigation via GPS.

Sandvik says the Pantera DP2000 top hammer drill is designed for vertical and inclined drilling of 152 to 178 mm blastholes up to 36 metres in depth, for wall control, pit development and production drilling applications.

It also features the new 45 kW hydraulic rock drill Sandvik RD2045C.

The Pantera DI6400 down the hole rig is "an advanced high pressure DTH drill designed to meet the industry's future needs in terms of safety, increased production, and full automation," Sandvik stated.

The Pantera has a hole diameter of between 115 to 203 mm and a drill pipe length of 7500mm which gives it a max hole depth of 45 metres.

Speaking to Petzold he told Australian Mining  that one of the major features in the redesign of this rig has been fuel efficiency, particularly when operating the compressor.

"The drill disengages the engine whenthe compressor is operating, and something as simple as this is providing fuelsavings of between 20 to 25%."

Safety has been a major aspect in the rig's design, with Petzold stating that these new drills have the safest cabin in their class.

"The cabin has both full ROPS and FOPS, and has not been built in the classic form, and is instead built from carbon fibre composites and is actually hanging underneath the canopy, which allows us to provide the ROPS and FOPS.

"On top of this the cabin itself is very ergonomic, has full air conditioning and only 75 decibels of noise."

The cabin has room for the operator and two trainers, or a trainer and student.

Additionally, it has cameras that provide a360 degree view around the rig, which Petzold claims is an industry first.

The rigs were also designed differently, with Sandvik brining in an automotive designer to design the rigs rather than handing over the role to an engineer.

"We didn’t want a drill that looked like every other out there," Petzold explained.

"We wanted one that provided functionality but still has an aggressiveness in its look, one that has been designed for mining."

The top hammer drill is currently heading for heavy testing in Finland,however no date could be given for possible testing of either rig in Australia.

This article is the first in a series on the new launches at Sandvik. Keep an eye on this space as we bring you the next installment.

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