Sandvik launches new blasthole drill rig

Sandvik has released the first of its new series of rotary and DTH blasthole drill rigs.

The new rig in the family, the DR461i, is a diesel powered, self propelled, crawler mounted blasthole drill, according to MineWeb.

It has been designed to be automation ready, and for bulk mining operations.

The machine is an upgrade from the preceding DR460 rig, which was launched in 2008.


Its cab has been redesigned for increased comfort and ease of operation.

The cab includes air conditioning and sound insulation up to 80 decibels, and an all-in-the-seat drilling and tramming control.

For operators it features a GUI system that digitally displays the operating parameters of the drill, and acts like an electronic depth counter and drill monitoring system in one, providing all the information on an interactive touch screen.

Safety has also been a focus, with a new hydraulic main access stairway provided as an alternative to the traditional vertical hanging steps.

The stairway allows operators and maintenance personnel to bring tools on to the drill while reducing the risk of falling.

It is designed to be self-levelling depending on the topography of the ground around the drill, and was also built to accommodate the different heights of the drill levels depending on the height of jack extension.

it also has autonomous pipe handling, above-the-deck bit changes, additional walkways, hand railings, and safety interlocks.

It has seen testing at Barrick Gold Cortez gold mine in Nevada, in the US.

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